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Or mail a check payable to CommunityGiving with "Paynesville Area Community Foundation Endowment Fund " in the memo line to:

PACF c/o CommunityGiving101 S. 7th Avenue, Suite 100 St. Cloud, MN 56301

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If you are interested in learning more about how to establish a fund and you would like to discuss the process, please contact us at (320) 253-4380 or talk to a member of the PACF Board.

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The Paynesville Area Community Foundation (PACF) offers a wide variety of services to donors, professional advisors and nonprofits in the Paynesville area. In addition to a general fund to support grantmaking in the area, PACF provides a variety of fund options, from donor directed and donor advised funds to nonprofit agency endowments.

The Paynesville Area Community Foundation strives to be known for making impactful grants, fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration and contributing to a real sense of community pride for those with ties to Paynesville.

The Paynesville area community will be a vibrant, progressive community with opportunities for all generations to come.

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.”

The Paynesville Area Community Foundation hosts an annual gala to raise support for a different nonprofit each year. The PACF 2017 Gala will be held on September 29, 2018 at the Roadside Tavern in Roscoe, MN.

For information about the event, contact Lou Louis at (320) 243-4419.

PACF hosted the first annual Gala in 2007. Since then, the Paynesville Area Community Foundation has raised support for:

PACF gives individuals and families an opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations by setting up charitable funds which can benefit their favorite charities today into the future. Types of funds include:

Learn more about Angara Oval Aquamarine Three Stone Ring with Diamond Accents 0ZiEW6w7t
at PACF by contacting us at (320) 253-4380, by talking to a member of the PACF board or emailing

For listings of competitive grant opportunities, please visit the grant page and search for grants which may apply to your organization. Specific criteria, grant guidelines and grant application forms are provided for each grant opportunity.

Through the Paynesville Area Community Foundation, we currently administer two scholarship funds for area students. Through CommunityGiving, you have access to these and other scholarships directed at central Minnesota students, both high school and college level! View scholarship opportunities here ; applications open December 1.

The Paynesville Area Community Foundation started out as the Paynesville Endowment Commission, which was part of the Paynesville city government. The PEC was set up to provide a way for individuals, families and businesses to bequeath funds for the betterment of the City of Paynesville.

The basic components of population change

At its most basic level, the components of population change are few indeed. A Balenciaga Stud Clasp Cuff in Neutrals hsFoUIQur
(that is, one in which immigration and emigration do not occur) can change according to the following simple equation: the population (closed) at the end of an interval equals the population at the beginning of the interval, plus births during the interval, minus deaths during the interval. In other words, only addition by births and reduction by deaths can change a closed population.

Populations of nations, regions, continents, islands, or cities, however, are rarely closed in the same way. If the assumption of a closed population is relaxed, in- and out-migration can increase and decrease population size in the same way as do births and deaths; thus, the population (open) at the end of an interval equals the population at the beginning of the interval, plus births during the interval, minus deaths, plus in-migrants, minus out-migrants. Hence the study of demographic change requires knowledge of fertility (births), mortality (deaths), and Angara Citrine Halo Pendant with Diamond Heart Motif saOrPX7225
. These, in turn, affect not only population size and growth rates but also the composition of the population in terms of such attributes as , age, ethnic or racial composition, and geographic distribution.

Demographers distinguish between fecundity, the underlying biological potential for reproduction, and fertility, the actual level of achieved reproduction. (Confusingly, these English terms have opposite meanings from their parallel terms in French, where fertilité is the potential and fécondité is the realized; similarly ambiguous usages also prevail in the biological sciences, thereby increasing the chance of misunderstanding.) The difference between biological potential and realized fertility is determined by several intervening factors, including the following: (1) most women do not begin reproducing immediately upon the onset of puberty, which itself does not occur at a fixed age; (2) some women with the potential to reproduce never do so; (3) some women become widowed and do not remarry; (4) various elements of social behaviour restrain fertility; and (5) many human couples choose consciously to restrict their fertility by means of Angara Opal Gemstone Engagement Rings in Rose Gold October Birthstone Ring 5wVJBVBJO
, contraception, abortion, or sterilization.

The magnitude of the gap between potential and realized fertility can be illustrated by comparing the highest known fertilities with those of typical European and North American women in the late 20th century. A well-studied high-fertility group is the Hutterites of Angara PaveSet Round Diamond Hinged Hoop Earrings TQz5nrnx
, a religious sect that views fertility regulation as sinful and high fertility as a blessing. Hutterite women who married between 1921 and 1930 are known to have averaged 10 children per woman. Meanwhile, women in much of Europe and North America averaged about two children per woman during the 1970s and 1980s—a number 80 percent less than that achieved by the Hutterites. Even the highly fertile populations of John Hardy Classic Chain Cuff With Diamonds Xs White diamond KYP31G
in Africa, Asia, and Angara PearShaped Citrine and Garnet Drop Earrings with Diamonds oxAtgUou1V
produce children at rates far below that of the Hutterites.

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According to an estimate I read on Wiki, 90.5% of homicides are committed by men when men make up some 50% of the population. Men, then, are vastly more homicidal thantheeir numbers should justify. How many would argue that men are inherently, by nature, homicidal? Given the reasoning of some on this post, more than a few; crime is far complex than mere demographics can account for.

17th April 2015 at 4:28 am

Thats because women, who are more likely than men to kill their own children, have seen their crimes rebranded as “infanticide” or can claim “battered wife syndrome” after killing their parnters. In reality women are just as violent as men.

27th August 2015 at 6:17 pm

This is, at the least, a poorly structured sentence. As it is, it suggests that young black men are 12-13 percent of the population.

17th April 2015 at 11:13 am

You have to also realize the government considers Mexican mestizos to be white. That serves to increase the amount of white crime. Non-Hispanic whites comprise roughly 62% of the population of the US.

26th April 2015 at 12:10 am

Interesting comments. I do have one request though that I think would add to the comments. if people would say if they are black or white. I think that would help as far as getting an idea as to what people are thinking based on their own experiences and backgrounds. I am wondering when I read a comment If the person is just wondering what it may be like or if they are prejudice etc. it would help to know.

Sequin Mixed Crystal Statement Earrings Black 0XtnsSm3

Blacks embarrass themselves through bad behavior. Not all blacks, but a large enough group to be statistically significant. Facts are facts, blacks commit 3 times more violent crimes and up to 6 times more murders.

It’s not because they are poor, because I am white and I used to be so poor that we didn’t get to eat everyday. My dad was an alcoholic that drank away the majority of the money and my mom spent her time sleeping around. I was sexually abused and then told to “suck it up.” I was poor and had bad parents…and I haven’t murdered, stole, raped, or assaulted others.

Being poor is an excuse, but it is based on the acceptance of bad behavior. I’ve lived in South Carolina and Kansas in extremely depressed areas. In similar situations, with the only difference being the percentage of blacks, the crime rate and racism were drastically different. Crime was almost non-existent in the white community, which was slightly poorer.

And furthermore, why do blacks riot more often? Why do the riots always end up in looting? It is because crime is generally accepted as more palatable in black communities. My personal belief, based on my opinion so it is useless to argue with an opinion, is that crime is more acceptable because we have conditioned blacks to become wards of the state. When they become dependent on the government income, they slowly but surely become entitled. And entitlement makes people feel as though what they want should be theirs…and over time it becomes ok to act out on that feeling.

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